Taking biometric photos – safe and easy

Photko is an innovative solution that helps you take biometric photos with your smartphone or tablet. Artificial intelligence (AI) and mathematical algorithms ensure you get perfect results anytime - anywhere.

Biometrična fotografija

Photko's aim

Photko is a technologically advanced application that instantly and in real-time captures digital photos for face recognition. In addition, the app gives simple descriptive instructions on how to correct your posture or facial expressions. The process takes just a few moments and provides you with the highest cyber safety level.

Innovative solution for taking biometric
photos – instantly and in real-time.

Photko - Potek aplikacije


Po končanem fotografiranju, oseba izvede plačilo in prejme na elektronski naslov PDF potrdilo, ki vsebuje unikatno referenčno številko. To potrdilo, vsebuje vse biometrične podatke fotografirane osebe in unikatno referenčno številko, kar je pogoj za izdelavo osebnega dokumenta. 

Z unikatno referenčno številko, si administrator na Upravni enoti sname fotografijo iz »centralnega odložišča fotografij«. To pomeni, da ni potrebno skeniranje in preverjanje kvalitete natisnjene fotografije, saj je to že opravljeno.

Photko - Lažje pridobivanje strank

Lažje pridobivanje strank

Photko - Lažje pridobivanje strank

Lažje pridobivanje strank

Photko - Lažje pridobivanje strank

Lažje pridobivanje strank

Photko - Lažje pridobivanje strank

Lažje pridobivanje strank


VERIFIED BY PHOTKO - the safest e-identification

Verified by Photko module is one of Photko's features that provides a complete identity verification solution. This module allows you to register and verify your identity in just a few clicks to use any online service safely.

Verified by Photko is an SKD module that first takes photos of your face and ID card. Images are then uploaded to the module's server, where artificial intelligence performs all necessary validations. As a result, your identity is confirmed with the highest level of certainty and confidentiality. In the end, you can (or not, if not verified) use e-signatures or other services where identity verification is necessary.

Verified by Photko is a module that many online service providers already implement. Companies, organizations, and associations that offer online insurance, banking, postal, car-sharing, or gambling services benefit from this module greatly. Their customers can verify their identity quickly and easily straight from their homes and are thus 30 % more likely to use the services listed above than if they had to visit the desired service at their location.

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